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The question about 432 vs 440 hz

I have the absolute pitch so for me listening music tuned on 432 hz turn out to be annoying:; problems hear it. But I have tried this:

I have taken the Prelude Op.11 n.1 in C major normally recorded at 440 hz and I have "trasposed it" in the pitch of 432 hz. I played this new file to other people. Also I played it to the it on the pitch of 440 hz. They told me that the piece was more "natural", "harmonic", "beautiful", "nice" and so on respect the one in 440 hz.

I have listen more and more time the version in 432 and then the same in 440 hz. The original audio appeared me as "not natural"; This version seemed to me to bump up against the 432 hz version...

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SCRIABIN: Preludes Op.11, Etudes Op.8.

Next 14th of January (7 days after the 150th birth anniversary of our composer) I'll terminate the recording of this cd. Stay tuned.

Preludes Op.11 and Etudes Op.8

Today I have finished the Scriabin 24 Preludes Op.11 and started the Etudes Op.8 for the new Dynamic Production in the auditorium Stelio-Molo in Lugano- Switzerland. I am very satisfied. Thanks to ton


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