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About 10th Sonata

The single melody is not only a sequence usable as a simple song but it indicates something, it has an intrinsic meaning that can be decoded through Scriabin's "code" or through the lyrics that accompany the composer's stave. One could discuss the question of code at length as scholars have done before, but of course, this is not the place. The musicologist Cristoph Flamm in his preface to the Scriabin Sonatas published by Bärenreiter quotes Leonid Sabaneev (musicologist, composer, music critic and friend of the musician) in his "Memoirs on Scriabin", mentioning the fact that the musician played several times at the beginning of the composition, asking the interlocutor excitedly what it seemed to him. Sabaneev replied that it seemed to him like notes played with Pan's flute. The author of the piece immediately replied: "Of course you are right: these are the sounds and atmospheres of the forest that, evoked in the

atmosphere of the Pan flute, open to nature. This has never appeared before in my works, don't you think? ”. He repeatedly played the beginning of the Sonata visibly raptured and went on to say: "It

will be joyful, luminous and earthly, yet there will also be this in the beginning of the Sonata: a dissolution of matter.

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