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About 2th Sonata

Aggiornamento: 10 set 2020

We easily notice evident dialogues between musical lines that imitate each other, they follow each other just like two lovers with their movements. Becoming two in one is a concept that the composer will later extend to another level by talking about the human and

divine conditions aimed at primeval reunification. The first tempo, Andante, begins with a quick upbeat followed by a beating (a cell that the composer will use frequently in all his music, later becoming one of the symbols of Scriabin's music). An impulse that is immediately calmed by 3 unison notes that slow down; an atmosphere that seems to ask a question. The intercalation between this idea of lifting the movement and calming it immediately characterizes the beginning of this piece. Not long after, the second theme appears, not much later, with its persuasive, languid character whose term is still made up of the same note repeated three times. It begins a part in the name of serenity where there is a dialogue between the

two female and male elements. The piece continues with the right hand weaving a caressing melody. The dialogue between the two elements returns for a short time and immediately, for side

arpeggios, the two hands conquer almost the entire keyboard developing a harmonic fabric where the main theme of the composition comes to life, in this "fluid" harmony. Everything takes place in

an atmosphere of warmth, sweetness. The two hands then reach, then, the low region of the instrument where they resume the beginning of the piece with the rapid upbeat and the three notes replied that open the doors to the development of the composition that gradually reaches the extreme sounds of the piano but always without causing atmospheres of material, physical sound. With a change of tonality the second theme is reproposed, which in this guise appears even more slender and feminine than the first exposition with the subsequent dialogue and the opening towards the main theme that reappears. The sweetness and the intensity create a fluid in which this first time is immersed, ending this time serenely, as it began.

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