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About 5th Sonata

Aggiornamento: 24 ago 2020

This composition is the last Sonata to be written in tonal form and it is crucial to understand how the turning point in Scriabin's thinking already occurred in the Fourth Sonata, here it becomes

manifest, indeed decisive for the composition of the Fifth Sonata. Moreover, the composer abandoned the Forma Sonata in several movements as well as for the orchestral production. One must never forget how important orchestral work is in Scriabin's production to better understand his pen. The period in which he wrote this Sonata is extremely fervid for the composer: touring in America and Russia and an important work for orchestra: The Poem of Ecstasy. This work, which bears opera number 54 and the Fifth Sonata Opus 53, are connected by a common text that elaborates a common idea...

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