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About 5th Sonata

The period in which he wrote this Sonata is extremely fervid for the composer: touring in America and Russia and an important work for orchestra: The Poem of Ecstasy. This work, which bears opera number 54 and the Fifth Sonata Opus 53, are connected by a common text that

elaborates a common idea.

"I call you to life

or hidden cravings!

You, sink

in the dark abysses

creative spirit,

You, fearful

embryos of life,

To you I bring

the Daring"

But beyond any philosophical or theosophical or, worse, predictable deductions, what is useful to underline is the character in which this Sonata moves. Scriabin lives once again, because of his thoughts that gradually form, a period of excitement of which this Sonata is permeated by the overflowing inebriation, joy, joy. Everything happens with the use (for the last time) of the tonality

expressed in fast times and chords or in slow times that always have persuasive and narrative


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