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About 8th Sonata

This Sonata of vast proportions (the longest of the last five) stands between the Seventh Sonata, "the White Mass" and the Ninth, "the Black Mass" and differs considerably from the Sonatas that precede and follow it by its characteristics that make it "different". Could this Sonata be the world between the opposite White Mass and the Black Mass? Or even the center of gravity of the last 5 Sonatas?

Especially in the examination of Scriabin's production from the Fifth Sonata onwards we see that the pentagrams are often accompanied by sentences, highly explanatory textual elements that give meaning to the music just below. These comments almost always evoke atmospheres and events of considerable impact.

So it is for the Sonatas from the Fifth onwards to the Tenth. But it's not like that for the Eighth. Here Scriabin limits himself to the classic agogic notations (Slow, Allegro agitato, Much more

lively) with the sole exception of the adjective "Tragique". Apart from these dutiful indications of movement, nothing else appears. In this Sonata his eloquent commentary on pentagrams has,therefore, a definite setback. Mystery.

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