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About 8th Sonata

The character of this Sonata is also unique in Scriabin's production. This music seems to speak of limbo, of no man's land. Enchanted place, a nowhere. A beautiful but unreal island; perhaps a

dream. A place perhaps not even Scriabin himself. That's why it's difficult to interpret, to think. It's a piece very little frequented by pianists. Together with the Sixth, this Sonata is the most deserted, the "least" descriptive, the one that perhaps has the least impact and together with the Sixth is the Sonata that Scriabin has never played in public. The composer describes it as the most tragic episode of my creative activity.

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Next 14th of January (7 days after the 150th birth anniversary of our composer) I'll terminate the recording of this cd. Stay tuned.

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