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About 9th Sonata

The Ninth Sonata Op.68 is among the composer's best knowncompositions. When you want to play the last Scriabin the Black Mass is practically a must. The appellation Black Mass is not autographed but was given by an acquaintance of the author with rior permission. It is a composition very defined in the message it carries and is closely linked to Scriabin's esoteric thought as, moreover, the artist's production from 1903, when he published the Fourth Sonata Op.30, until his last days. Without dwelling on Scriabin's theosophy, we can summarize that it can be inscribed in the thought of Soviet symbolism. Approaching Scriabin's music must necessarily take into account that this artist, more unique than rare of its kind, thought of music as a determining element in a theosophical and theurgical context in which he was completely


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