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About 9th Sonata

Music would have been useless if it had been art aimed at pure aesthetic value. Art intended as a means to achieve a higher spiritual state of man. The world we live in and the transcendent world are intimately connected and form a unicum. The artist and in particular the musician (just like the officiant of an ancient sacred rite) would be the bridge that connects the world of human reality with the transcendental one, calling to life with his instrument the musical pieces, real creatures of the supernatural world, through the performance of the compositions themselves. Scriabin's pen, therefore, has increasingly written music guided by the precise intent of treating (if not evoking) this complex universe. It is well understood how this discourse can be

misunderstood if not easily ridiculed.

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I am working for my new cd with the 24 Preludes Op.11 and Etudes Op.8 so I am glad share with you this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpWyzOU7H5A

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I worked on this piece over 30 years ago now. I presented it in concerts and competitions but the real understanding of how much desolation, sadness, pain expressed it only now appear to my eyes and h